Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas times

hope you all had a lovely christmas. I've had a nice few days doing the traditional festive things...opening presents, eating far too much and enjoying some family time!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

New things..

red lipstick- Chanel
rings-Forever 21,Topshop, H&M
Pleated skirt-Primark

After much consideration I finally ended up getting the blazers lovelovelove them. I had to test out the lipstick as part of a market research thing, and they were nice enough to let me keep this beaut after :) I love all of these rings especially the double finger chain one from Topshop! Next on my wishlist is something like this or this by Penelope from fashion fade, she has some lovely pieces for sale. This skirt was such a bargain at £14! Have seen one exactly the same (real leather obvs) from Zara for around £60!

Can't believe how close christmas is now, i'm trying to do my shopping online a lot this year to reduce the stress load. How's everyones christmas shopping going?

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