Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kick starting a lifestyle change...finding motivation

Today's post is something a little different and a bit more personal. A few months back I decided to make some lifestyle changes. It was time to get fit and change my diet, with the aim was to lead a more healthy and happier life in general. After being stuck in a bit of a rut due to unemployment and other personal reasons, I knew I had to start making some changes, but lacked motivation. 

I will be doing some further posts on how I began to make those initial changes and tips for keeping it up, however I wanted to focus this post on the motivation side. If I had a penny for the amount of times I said I was going to diet/eating less junk food/stick to an exercise regime and then crack after a few days, I would be a very rich girl! This time was different. It was a lifestyle change, NOT a diet that I knew I would struggle to maintain in the long run. 

My initial motivation came from my brother, who has over the past year, been working out regularly and increasing his fitness levels alongside having an extremely regimented diet. Now I may not and most probably never will be at his level of dedication and fitness, but I found that even just having someone in the household with that outlook really gave me the push I needed. Having a family member or friend joining you on your journey will definitely give you extra motivation. I dusted off the weights, became best friends with Jillian Michaels (30 day shread- enough said), and began researching healthier and cleaner food options that I could introduce into my diet. 

Do you have a certain goal weight you want to achieve? Is there a particular occasion you want to look extra toned for? Or similarly to me, is it just a general lifestyle change you wish to implement? Even if something like treating yourself to a new pair of trainers gives you that final push of motivation, then go for it! I picked up these Nike ones in the Asos sale recently after feeling a little sluggish, and they have been a great pick me up to get back on track. 

Bite the bullet and make that change, because it will honestly be the best thing you ever do.

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