Monday, 24 January 2011

New purchases

 Blazer,Shorts and Clock necklace- H&M

So I decided to buy a few new bits since I literally have NO decent clothes at the moment. I've been looking for a blazer for a while now so was happy  when I found this one in H&M for £14.99 . It's quite thin but just the right length, as I wanted the 'boyfriend' look. I loved these shorts when I tried them on too, but am still undecided on whether to keep them, as I could really do with an extra £20 in the bank. hmmmm. Anyway time to get back to reading heat and drinking tea 


  1. You remind me of Camille from Childhood Flames. I like your style :)

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. great look! you are pretty!

  3. those shorts are so unique, I love them ! have a wonderful day :)

  4. like ur short !


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