Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New purchases: holiday

Sooo, me and my friends finally got a holiday sorted! we go 2 weeks today to AYIA NAPAAAAA :) i'm so excited, definately in need of a good holiday. I'm on a bit of a budget and trying not to spend too much, and have found a few things so far...

Jewellery- Muse
Purple hotpants-Topshop
Grey barry m nail varnish
Rimmel disco ball

These shorts came in a few different colours, but I was drawn to this colour! I love the jewellery, it was all £2/£3 which was a good little bargain, and I can see myself wearing the necklaces on the beach or in the evenings to jazz up an outfit :) I've been 50/50 about the grey barry M for a while now, but decided to get it, i'm sure i'll wear it at some point.

Actualy cannot wait until this holiday now, it's the only thing making that will make the next 2 weeks at work bearable. BRING ON THE SUN !


  1. Have fun at your holiday.

  2. Have a great time! You did a great job shopping everything is lovely :) Love your blog, going to start following xo

  3. Nice blog, so if you want we can follow each other ;)

  4. great shorts and necklaces! you have a good taste!

  5. i want those shorts soo badly, cant wait till you style them, your blog is soo lovely to by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


  6. Love those shorts, and love that jewelry!

  7. Love your necklaces. They've got so much character.

    And those shorts are uber cute.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    onto animated musings

  8. These items are amazing - I adore your purple shorts, I have the same pair but in black :)

  9. your blog is lovely. i am now following. i hope you can follow back.
    i love the purple shorts.

  10. Love you shorts and jewellery! Have a great time on your holiday :) x

  11. enjoy napa! don't party too hard! cute shorts :) xx

  12. going to my home place! lool, you should of came up to me and said hello... next time you should okay and also i advise you not to take jewelry there, cos its not real gold or silver it will get to hot and sometimes it can snap and discolour and yeah, just saying cos im in cyprus a lot lol :) you wont end up wearing it anyways cos it will probs stick to your skin when u get hot hahahaha xxxxxx

  13. love those shorts and i'm in love with glittery nail polish at the moment! will have to check out the rimmel one!


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