Monday, 27 May 2013

Car Boot tips

As the warmer months approach, I love nothing more than getting up on a Sunday morning to go to a car boot sale, on the hunt for a bargain or two. Although many have some hidden gems people often feel put off by the rows of stalls that seem to be filled with unwanted clutter. Think again, you never know where you might find your new favourite wardrobe piece. I thought I would share a few tips that may help anyone wanting to become a little more car boot savvy...

Timing- Getting there early will allow you to make the most of whats on offer, having first pick of what sellers have. It can get pretty busy first thing with many eager bees waiting, so be prepared.

Planning-Sometimes it can be a good idea to have an idea of what you are looking to buy. Try to limit yourself to taking a set amount of money, this will help you to budget and make sure that you don't overspend and come home with lots of junk. Resist impulse buying as you will end up coming home with lots of clutter.

Do some rummaging- It can very often be off putting seeing piles of clothing scattered on the floor. Have a rummage through, as I have often found some great pieces hidden in the heaps of clothes. I find it helpful to look at the sellers too, as this can sometimes give you an idea of the sellers style and size and whether their stall is suited to you.

Buying for profit-Selling off car boot finds on ebay can be a really good way of making a bit of extra money. If this is what you are intending to go for, it is good to keep an eye out for current fashion trends, popular brands and items which are in a good condition that will prove popular with ebay buyers.

Haggling-Something that I used to be afraid to do, this really does make a difference. Remember sellers are there to make money so be reasonable, but it does no harm offering a price a little less. As they say if you don't ask you don't get!

One last tip, check for faults and counterfeit items, being extra careful to look out for imperfections such as ripped seams, broke fastenings or stains.

Hopefully this may have helped some of you who want to try out a little car bootin' this summer..happy shopping!



  1. I'm always scared of car boots, I need to man up and start going because I've seen so many people bag some bargains!XX

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

  2. love the jacket!! xx

    Olivia |

  3. These are really good tips - looks like you got some good stuff xo

  4. Such good tips! I sold a TONNE of stuff the other day for ridiculous prices, people were going mad, topshop dresses for 50p! Haha I sold some brand new shoes for £3 too, loads of them! Adds up though doesn't it? Love em!! xx xx

  5. thanks for the tips! I frigging love that floral jumper that you picked up! :) I have followed your blog


  6. Adorable! Shall we follow? let me know XSE

  7. I go to carboot sales, but very rarely! all the stuff you got are so cute, very vintage-looking! :)


  8. hello!

    I’m following your blog on GFC.

    Would you like to follow each other?

    I hope you’ll visit my blog too.


  9. Great post! I always want to go to bar boots but they're so har to get to where I live. x


  10. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  11. good finds and great tips! I haven't been to a good carboot in ages

  12. Great tips! I love having a little look around a carboot, so much to see, with some real characters!

    Please stop by my blog -

    Happy Saturday x

  13. LOVE


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