Saturday, 5 February 2011


 Rings and black hat-forever 21
Lace tights and jacket-ASOS

I've already got a baggy jacket like this, but want something a bit more fitted and the colours on this one are perfect. I am also in need of a pair of smart trousers like these Topshop ones, as i'm starting to get a little bored of wearing jeans all the time. Also, I'm not really a ring fan but want to start wearing them more and LOVE these ones from forever 21. The hat can be worn with so many different looks, and will last through s/s too. oh and most of all these trainers are AMAZING...


  1. Nice choices. Those trousers look great. Sadly, I end up looking a bit like a teddy bear in high-waisters - it's so unfair! x

  2. Hello Lovely,
    absolutely love each piece from you wish list ! Specially those rings, looking for them since ages (two fingers one) & just cannot find them. Oh well, still trying ;D
    've seen collage style coat/blazer like that one in h&m for example.. don't know why I didn't buy it then, huh ...


  3. H&M do some fitted styled one's like the ASOS jacket & I've spotted a few in Primark too! Love the accessories!
    Lovely blog my dear x

  4. ahhah love the sneaks!! :)


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